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New Quilting Table

Let me start by telling you that I have the BEST husband in the world! Since the garage sales are not the easiest to find here, each Saturday morning we go to Sally's (the Salvation Army Family Store) to check things out. We have the best one just down the road from our house.

Last Saturday, we found the perfect quilting table for my craft room. I was wanting a better second table for my friend Regina to use when she comes over to craft and if we could find one that was counter-height, bonus! I prefer to cut my fabric at counter height b/c it doesn't hurt my back at all.

We didn't get the table last week since we just replaced the gas tank on Tekky--we were trying to be good. But when it was there again this week, we got it. It was a good price and it's solid wood. It holds my cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter perfectly PLUS my fabric and my sewing organizer all at one time with no problem!
But as you can see, my dining chairs are a little small. We are looking for a couple of tall chairs or maybe a tall task chair that rolls and turns for Christmas. I still need to hang my curtains and better organize my stuff. It's coming along and I LOVE having a room where I can leave my projects out and where I can work on them while being close to Markley. I know that sounds silly, but I do still like him and like to be able to talk to him w/o having to stop what I'm doing. And we talk a lot! Have a happy thanksgiving!

C :)


Sisters' Shop Hop


So, tell me, what are sisters to do when one moves 500 miles away? They create their own shop hop! In April, Carla drove down to see me and we did the Bluebonnet Patchwork Trail Shop Hop. And we had a blast--12 shops. What more could you ask for?

So, we decided that we would keep the tradition of going to the October Affair of the Heart craft show in Oklahoma City alive. I flew back home 10/21 and we headed out early Thursday morning for Arkansas. Now that only makes sense if you know me, but follow along and everyone will understand. I promise.

Our first stop on the Sisters' Shop Hop was the Cordell, OK Alko. The fabric hasn't been very good, but the baskets were great--and on sale! I was able to get the four I needed to hold all of the DVDs on the new entertainment center. YEA!
The second stop was K's Quilting Studio in El Reno, OK. This quilt could become my tablecloth in my crafting room. I need to make one to cover the green card table that works perfectly as a quilting table but doesn't match the decor. I was able to get most of my fat qtrs on this trip too!

The next stop was a real cute scrapbook store in OKC called Just 4 Keeps. Lots of great ideas and lots of vacation supplies. I loaded up.
Then we hit our favorite quilt shop: the Oklahoma City Quiltworks. Yummy! But you know, I just can't get away from home, even in OK:
This pattern is a fav. I bought it here in San Antonio along with 9 prints (can you say crazy 9-patch) from the fabric line. I just love this line b/c it's brown, blue, and green and matches my living room perfectly!

And now, the explaniation of the whole Arkansas thing: Country Corner Quiltworks in Harrison, AR. This is where Carla and I send our quilts to be quilted. These very talented ladies take my scraps of sewn together fabric and make them into beautiful quilts. It was so nice to meet some of these ladies and to see the machines that do the magic!

This is one of the machines. I literally hugged it. It is my friend. You can see how the quilt top, batting, and backing are rolled up tight and stretched; not pins necessary. I will post a very short video next so you can see it in action. It is so cool!

We hit the season just right--all of the trees in AR were so beautiful and all of the fields were still green. Very beautiful! I'm glad Carla was driving so I could just look. We also drove trough Eureka Springs, AR. It was a very cute little town. Key word: little.

The best scrapbooking store EVER is in Rogers, AR: Signed, Sealed, Delivered. They had so much cute stuff and so many Christmas trees. This one is my favorite except for that money. I don't like sock moneys! But I love the bright colors...even the orange! They had a Santa tree that was all red, white, and black. No green at all.

The Rabbit's Lair was the final quilt shop. It was in an old bank that still had it's vault in the basement. It was very quaint. Carla really liked it.
Our last stop was the Scrapbook Bug in Pryor, OK. Very cute shop in a very cute building. She kept her ribbon in mason jars with fabric on the lids; just pull!
As for the craft show: no parking, too many people. We are going to switch it up next year and try for the February AofH and SA shop hopping in October.
Have a great weekend!
C :)