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My Big Shot!

It finally came in, but I didn't have time to play with it last night. So like a big stamping nerd, I brought it to work today to play with at lunch. And I love it! It is so cool! I used all of my new dies except the pennants b/c I forgot to bring fulls sheets of card stock...or mono adhesive. But in a pinch, scotch tape works.
It's snowing in San Antonio in July!
Have fun stampin' this weekend for me while I'm packing in Canyon and bringing it back to San Antonio!

C :)


A Finished Scrapbook...Sorta

Remember in my first post that I mentioned that I finished a scrapbook? Well, I did...sorta. It was intended to be Markley's tenth anniversary present (that was 06/25/08). I had the album (6X6) and page protectors at home, picked out and printed all of the pics, bought the paper, and even had the stamp sets figured out. All of those Stampin' Up! ones with the kids are perfect for us!

The Cubs were on TV on a Sunday afternoon...how perfect? I would have been had it not been the Sunday just before our anniversary. Note to self: it takes more than one afternoon to scrapbook 14 years. I got several pages done, but not all of them. So, he got it with most of the pics just slid into the page protectors. I think he enjoyed it, but I was disappointed. But now, It is finished! I say finished because I have all of the pics from when we met in 1994 until 2008 on cute pages, embellished, journaled, and everything. I also say sorta because this will always be a work-in-progress because I want to add a couple of pics every year.

*Note: if you do this with your spouse, remember to have someone take your pic together. I have so many pics of Markley and so many of me, but very few of us together until I put this scrapbook together.*

C :)

So, Where Did I Start?

My first crafting was crochet and simple sewing taught to me by my Grannie. And she could sew! She could just look at a store-bought doll dress and whip one up. And not just a plain one. She always added fancy stitches and some kind of lace or ribbon. But never buttons or snaps. I'm not sure why.

Next, I moved to counted cross-stitch--7th grade homemaking. Guess who that first cross-stitch was made for? My sister, Carla, then bought me my first Precious Moments cross-stitch book and even had my first PM project, We Are God's Workmanship, framed. It hangs in my guest room still.

This began my love for crafting. So much so that my first job was at Ben Franklin Crafts. And with that first paycheck I bought pink aida cloth. I still remember it. I made these six cross-stitches in college for my future house. I loved the country style of them. But now, that's not quite my style. So what to do?
At Sisters' Scraps, they have a wonderful quilt with hand embroidery patches in it. BINGO! I know what to do now! But to work these sizes into that quilt...but then while on vacation last month in Alaska I found the perfect pattern:
All I need to do is put in cross-stitches where the animals are and change the colors to country (eek, I know) and I will have it.

C :)

My Perfect Crafty Space

It does exits! I have found it!
Is that not the most perfect setup ever? The idea is courtesy of YooRees Mom on Two Peas in a Bucket. I have the dining table to use for the desk (the one in Canyon now). I need a credenza and a hutch to go behind to hold my supplies and I found the perfect one at Office Depot.
I have had the colors picked out for a while. The colors are real red, bermuda bay, regal rose, and tempting turquoise. The color swatches come from Stampin' Up! card stock, but they are inspired by my favorite blog, Allsorts and Jenny's studio pictured here: http://http://allsorts.typepad.com/allsorts/2009/02/index.html. In fact, she had done so many wonderful things with vintage color and fabrics that I actually fell in love with vintage fabrics--the reds, yellows, aquas, turquoises, blues. Can you believe it?
Now, all I need is the house...
C :)


Six Quilts...Really?

Is it possible that in 4 1/2 years that I have "finished" six quilts nd started at least four more? Well, first of all, let's qualify finished. I do not quilt. I make the quilt tops and sew the backing together and then send it to the most wonderfule quilt shop in Arkansas, Country Corner Quilt Shop (http://www.ccquiltshop.com). They have quilted three of my quilts. The other three were rag quilts. Here is a quick sampling of them:
1. Lucky Star (my first--class at Sisters' Scraps) 2006
2. Ttexas flag (rag quilted--class at Sisters' Scraps) 2006
3. Christmas tree (rag quilted--on my own!) 2006-07
4. Yellow Brick Road (class at Sisters' Scraps) 2007
5. Wild Flower Whimey (class at Sisters' Scraps) 2008
6. Christmas tree skirt (not quilted--on my own!) 2007

I don't have a finished picture of my most recent quilt. It was a baby quilt for my friend, Julie. It was also a rag quilt. I love making these because they are quick and they are completely done by me!

Now, for my started but not finished stack:
1. Ugly Color Quilt (class at an un-named quilt shop, just needs to be ragged together) 2007
2. T-Shirt (on my own, just needs to be ragged together) 2007
3. Bulls Eye (class at Sisters' Scraps, now putting borders on) 2008
4. Traditional Log Cabin (class at Sisters' Scraps, all red blocks done, needs green blocks) 2008
5. Crazy 9-Patch (pattern from Sisters' Scraps) pattern 2007, fabric 2009

I also have about 8 more sets of pattern/fabric combos waiting patiently. I have hopes of this little blog helping me stay on track. We'll see.
C :)

My First Post

A blog--Me?

Who knew moving to San Antonio would bring so many changes. Since moving to San Antonio in February I have finished a scrapbook, make a baby quilt, and made a new purse. It had been over two years since I have done any of those things. Having the time to do those things again is so wonderful!

I am starting this blog mainly to share my many crafts (stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, and purse-making) with my family and friends back home. But I will probably also share my adventures from here and there too. Forgive me!

The quilt above is my first ever. It is Lucky Star and it was a class at Sisters' Scraps Quilt Shop,
www.sistersscraps.com , in Amarillo, TX. My sister, Carla, wanted to learn to quilt so she made me take the class with her. I was not interested at all. That was January 2006 and here I am, 6 completed and 4 started quilts later and no slowing down! Thanks Carla!

Thanks for stopping by!
C :)