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Here We Move Again!

Well, we did it.  We lived our 12 year old dream of living in the big city.  I have been in San Antonio for one year and two months.  Markley has been in San Antonio for six months.  And it just ain't home.  And we really have tried.  I found all the quilt shops and scrapbook stores.  He joined a tennis club and team.  We found a wonderful church...with a pastor from Sudan who talks about Amarillo and Lubbock (first hint).

Then we did the K-Love Love Dare for the 40 days leading up to Valentine's Day.  And it changed our lives!  We grew closer to one another.  And the Lord.  And then I asked Markley, "Why are we here in San Antonio?"  He didn't have an answer.  So we prayed.  And came the peace and the answer from the Lord to go home.  So we prayed some more, to be sure.  And it came back the same.  Go home.  But you know, we have this wonderful house that we love.  I said we were going to stay.  That was Monday.

And then comes in Dave Ramsey.  I listen to him every afternoon and on Tuesday he mentioned that there are houses on every corner and I remembered that in Canyon--home--there are houses there too (second hint).


So, on President's Day, I made the hardest call of my life.  I called my boss from WTAMU, and I asked her to be a reference for me so we could start looking to go home.  She said yes and asked why we were coming home.  I didn't really get into all of this, but told her about the traffic and the busy-ness of the big city and that it just wasn't home.  She understood.  Then the Lord stepped in and made room for me to come back to WT (third hint), in the position I left in 2009!!  I start back May 3rd!  On, On, Buffaloes!

Markley and I trusted in the Lord with all of our hearts and He is taking such good care of us!  Praise Him!

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  1. First of all - I am really glad you are coming home. Second of all - I love your design for your blog!! I am going to miss the quilt shops we visited on the Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop but I imagine we can always go for a visit on our way to the OKC Craft show - HA!