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The Big Move

So, like I've been missing for three weeks...and here's why:

We finally sold the house in Canyon. YEA! I flew back home (all the new phrases you have to learn) and helped Markley finish packing. We rented a 26' U-Haul truck of all of our stuff. It wouldn't even fit in the driveway! We didn't fill it up, but it was nice to have all the room. We left Canyon on Saturday morning after one last garage sale romp with my sister Carla (what fun!) and were on our way back to San Antonio. You know, driving one of those isn't easy...especially when you never have, when it doesn't have cruise control, and when you have a cat that just will not let the medication work!

We got home (San Antonio) early enough to start putting some things in storage, just enough to realize that we couldn't do it ourselves. So, early Sunday morning we hired B&B Movers, who were WONDERFUL to help with the big stuff. They also helped get the furniture that came to my apartment up the stairs.

This is what my apartment looked like before and after the move:

The bad part is that Markley had to fly back to Canyon before we could get all the boxes arranged/unpacked at the apartment. The good part is that I am no longer sleeping on the Aztek's air mattress, but on my select comfort mattress on my real bed! And Angel is with me. She is adjusting well, but she does want to go outside and we have decided that since we are still in an apartment, that's it just not a good idea. I do love having her to come home to everyday. Now, I'm not talking to myself!
C :)


  1. Love your Smitten blog design! And how easy is it to set up a page. Glad you and Ashlan got me started! Love, Carla

  2. I love it too--thanks for your help! The only problem I have is that it's a Christmas design and to cover the candy cane wreath, my pic is over to the right. But it is my pic finally!

    I have the first inner border on my bulls eye and the second cut. As soon as I finish Mary's Christmas quilt, it's next!

    Miss you!

    C :)