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New House Pics...Finally!

I promised new house pics like two weeks ago. First, there was no Internet at the new house. And then, AFR is now, so that is an ever-present "distraction". And the moving in of boxes, unpacking of boxes, etc. So, now for pics! These were taken the day it was inspected. We are almost completely out of boxes. It is now cleaning and organizing time (come on Container Store job!!). I will post more pics when it is a little further along.

This is the den (family room). The pics are from left to right (in all of the rooms); here, I am standing in the kitchen.
This is the kitchen and breakfast nook. We will use the nook for the actual dining room--it's big enough and you can see the TV from there.

This is the formal dining and living room; I call it my craft room. And that is the front door. I wanted my craft room down stairs, close to the den, so Markley and I were close enough to still talk.

This is the garage (duh). The rails are on either side of the steps down into it. The freezer will fit on the right, so it will be real close to the door.

This is our master bedroom and boy, is it BIG! Finally, a room big enough for all that furniture I bought. We also added a burgundy wing-back chair to sit in when you put your shoes on. It's nice! It has his-n-hers closets so our clothes still don't have to live together, but I don't have to go to the guest room to get dressed!

The master bath is all mine! Markley has claimed the guest bath for the Dallas Cowboys. The tub is a garden tub--that makes for a nice shower in the morning. It has a water closet which I still don't quite get, but oh, well.
And this is the Dallas Cowboys bath of Markley's. It is a nice size too. But no storage. He's going to build out the corner with a locker similar to the actual Dallas Cowboys. It will be nice.

Finally, the other spaces. The first two pics are down the staircase from upstairs. We have a nice landing half way up and a very nice one at the top. Room for the curio cabinet I sold--oh, well. The room with the ceiling fan is the guest room with my white French provincial furniture and pink quilt (already had Markley's Mom and Lonnie as guests!). The second room is totally extra, so we are calling it the museum and we are going to display our collections--Chevron cars, M&M's, Dr Pepper, Crayola, Garth, and Ty. The last pic is Markley's much improved Manroom. His Troy Aikman fathead is already hanging on the wall!
All of the rooms have walk-in closets with lights, so there is very nice storage. Even my Christmas tree is finally in the house! We are very blessed to have this house--I wish you could all see it in person! Believe me, we have room, so come on down!
Miss you all muches!
C :)


  1. It is sooo nice!! I can't wait to see pictures with furniture. So, do relatives get discounts at the Container Store too? If so I'm praying hard for that job!! :)

    Can't wait to come visit!

  2. Ashlan - I asked the same thing! We could have a lot of fun with a discount!! Carla

  3. Ashlan--I think if we are shopping together...YES!

    C :)