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Do we really have too much stuff?

I never really thought so until we moved. We have garage sales every summer to get rid of things we no longer use and toss broken things. But with my first major move behind me (moving from my parents house in Amarillo to Canyon doesn't really count), I'm beginning to think we do. Maybe it's the WE?
This is the 10' X 10' storage unit we rented, filled to the roof, that did NOT hold everything. Several items went to my apartment--you saw those pics. Let's just say that crafting completely stopped once all the stuff showed up. And we are not going to talk about the fact that the bill box was in the back under everything and we had to have it for the mortgage application. Thank goodness this unit was air conditioned!

Notice the pile of unpacked boxes behind the couch? We are making progress!

And I tell you what, Christina and Mary know how to pack a kitchen! This pile is all the newspaper that was used to safely transport my dishes, glasses, china, and other kitchen stuff. In the upper left-hand corner, you can see the bubble wrap. And not one thing broke--you ladies are good!

This is the formal dining room (my craft room).

This is the formal living room (the other end of my craft room). I unpacked it this last weekend. Markley built my desk the weekend before and my Canyon dining table is my new work surface.

This is the manroom. I left it for Markley to carry in since I didn't want to leave him out on the fun! haha Also, the manroom is upstairs.
I am not going to the Cowboys game this weekend, so I will be able to put some cleaning/organizing into our new house and take some nice pics! All SEVEN boxes of the entertainment center I ordered from Crate & Barrel finally showed up and Markley was able to assemble it--it looks sharp! He also built my desk, like I said. He had the dishwasher installed, and after a major fiasco with the dish people, had the dish set up. I went w/o TV for two weeks! (understand why I got so much done now?).
Have a happy weekend and it should be back to crafting soon!
C :)

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