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Back Home for Homecoming

Yea, I know that sounds funny. It should be home for homecoming but I have had to learn new words since I moved away. Home is where I go after work everyday (San Antonio). Back home is where we just moved from (Canyon). My home town is where I was born and where I lived with my parents when I was growing up (Amarillo). Confusing, huh? My friend, Julie, used to talk about going home on the weekends and it was confusing b/c it she was talking about going back to see her parents and I was like where do you go at the end of every work day?

This is the lighthouse at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the largest canyon in Texas and the second largest canyon in the US. It is the prettiest place to visit in the Panhandle.

Okay, so I leave San Antonio and go back home to Canyon for homecoming and we visit the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum and guess what the traveling exhibition at the museum featured? Home! Visit it here.

And then we went back to campus and took pics of all of the buffaloes. This one will always be my favorite b/c he's named after my favorite university president, Dr. Russell C. Long!

This is Thunder X, the live buffalo mascot. When full-grown, this is the largest live mascot in all of sports. The running of Thunder, Jack, and Sadie were my favorite part of any football game!

And the Buffs did win the game! The wagon wheel stays with the Buffs for possibly the last meeting again ENMU. The final record is 12 Wins for the Buffs, 11 for the Greyhounds. On, on Buffaloes!

C :)

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