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Too Much Paper...No Way!

When Carla and I went to Arkansas in October, I saw the coolest scrapbook cookbook in Hobby Lobby and decided it was time to update my recipes.  I don't want anything too fancy...something that wouldn't be practical to use...but something that would be cute.  I bought my binder at the Scrapbook Cottage here in San Antonio.

Then I started buying food-related background paper, two sheets at a time.  You know how it goes, you buy a couple here, a couple there, then you go to cut down the 12X12 sheets into 8 1/2X11 to fit and you find out just how many sheets you have...

Um, just a few.  Here's one of my favorite sheets, it reminds me of my Grannie:

I also bought the "From the Kitchen Of" stamp set from Stampin' Up!.

The little food category stamps are going to be perfect to label and separate all of my recipes.  I plan to type my recipes in Word and print them on a half sheet of paper (so you can see some of that cute background paper!), and then take a photo of the item after Markley or I cook it.  A real-to-life cookbook.  Now, there's an idea!  I'll keep you updated!

Happy cooking!

C :)


  1. WHAT A CUTE IDEA!!!!!!! I love this! I want to make one too. :)

  2. Oh, and I still don't know why your blog doesn't update on my blog. It makes me sad.