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All It Needs Is A Border!!

Last week, Markley joined a tennis club and practices on Wednesday nights. So, now Wednesday night is craft night at my house. YEA! After Wii Fit Plus-ing last night, I pulled out WIP# 3, the watermelon Bull's Eye.

I am almost finished with it, but the borders need finishing and I don't like to work with borders. Especially 2" borders. Especially two 2" borders. But it is the closest to being finished (the t-shirt and ugly color quilts are finished, I just have to rag quilt them).

So, I got it out and found a wonderful surprise! The first 2" inner border was on--Yea! And three sides of the second 2" inner border were on and the forth was pinned on. Yep, just one seam. Now all I have to do is add the 4" outer border then it's off to the quilters!  And I will be so glad b/c it takes about an hour to iron this thing having raw edges on both the front and back.  And guess what WIP# 4 is...a black one!

In other news, and this may seem silly to you, but Markley and I are having a hard time NOT finding things to do here in San Antonio.  One of the reasons we moved here was for all of the fun and none of the drive home, but we didn't think it through to the "which do we do" part.  Like, which rodeo concert do we go to?  We are going to 4!  That's right, 4.  And this weekend will be only the second weekend since Thanksgiving that both of us have been home.  Darn those Cowboys!  We love to go and do--both the San Antonio Symphony and Bill Engvall this last weekend--but we never imagined having so many choices.  We love it!

Happy Crafting!

C :)

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  1. I love your new background on your blog! and I love your bull's eye quilt. can't wait to see it quilted! I miss you too! Carla