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Check One More Off The List!

Well, this long weekend we went back home and while we were there, I finished my Christmas stocking! Sandy was asking me when I started the stockings (remember now, her stocking and Markley’s stocking have been finished for a while now—pics of them tonight). Let's see, I remember working on them when Markley was at MD Anderson in July 1998 right after we were married. And I know I bought them at the old Wal-Mart in Canyon after Christmas one year. So that puts them at least 6 months older than that, but they could be as old as January 1996 which is right after my first Christmas in Canyon.

I am so excited about getting things finished up this year! My next project will be a cute little tote for my supervisor Charlotte. Then on to the watermelon bull’s eye quilt. I have attached the top and bottom of the first inner border already; just need to finish that; add the second inner border; the outer border and send it to Country Corner Quilt Shop in Arkansas to have it quilted. I know that sounds so cheesy to only need to add the borders, but it’s the truth and it’s sad.

Happy Short Week!

C :)

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