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A Finished Quilt, Ghosts of Crafts Past, and Unfinished Projects

First, let's start with the finished quilt. This is Mary’s Christmas quilt. She brought me the fabric in JULY (didn’t she buy beautiful fabric!!) when we sold the Canyon house. I finished the quilt Christmas Day. It’s a rag quilt, but it’s not clipped in this pic. I love this pattern—it reminds me of a cross-stitch pattern. Lots of little blocks of color going together to make a picture. My third quilt ever was this pattern and I made it all by myself, no class.

Now, on to ghosts of crafts past. Y’all know my first craft was cross-stitch. I have about 6 framed and 13 unframed FINISHED cross-stitches at home. Then there are the 3 that needed to be finished (we aren’t going to talk about the 35 that I want to do). The first one is the SHAWN cross-stitch designed by me. Shawn was my high school sweetheart and I finally decided that even though I designed it, it needed to be tossed. And it was last Friday. I call that finished.

I started the wedding couple in 1998 for my wedding…and it is now finished! I’m going to make a pillow out of it for the guest bedroom. I have my wedding flowers, candle sticks, and cake topper in the guest bedroom, so why not add this? I can always use new pillows. Also, Markley bought me the actual figurine for my birthday that year and it’s in there too.

The last cross-stitch is my Christmas stocking. I finished Markley’s and Sandy’s years ago. Mine has hung by the chimney w/o a name. Luckily, Santa knows that I haven’t finished anything. But, now, I have finished drawing the pattern and picking the DMC thread and it’s in my desk drawer to work on each day at work.

Now, the multitudes of unfinished projects. I have 17 (two aren’t pictured). My goal is to finish all 17 projects THIS YEAR, 2010. So, here’s the list (pattern or name; fabric line or store)
1. t-shirt; Hard Rock Café & Planet Hollywood t-shirts (not pictured)
2. ugly color quilt; various (not pictured)
3. Bull’s Eye; red, pink, and green to look like watermelons
4. Bull’s Eye; bright colors on black
5. Folk Art Log Cabin (Thimbleberries); various Alco
6. Cake Stand; carnival blooms
7a&7b. Watermelon Log Cabin; various Sisters’ Scraps
8. Christmas Table Attire; Holly Jolly—bright
9. Crazy 9-Patch; French Gardens
10. Crazy 9-Patch; Garden Market
11. Lucky Stars pillow shams; Wal*mart
12. A Slice of Summer; A Slice of Summer
13. sun glasses holder; Cherished Teddies
14. Crazy 9-Patch; Figgy Pudding
15. Crazy 9-Patch; pacific point, wild wasabi, sahara sand colors
16. Texas flag rag; various Sisters’ Scraps
17. Crazy 9-Patch; Debbie Mumm gardening

P.S. This doesn’t count the ones that I have fabric for but no pattern. Or a pattern and no fabric. Maybe I will look at these next time or maybe I should just think about the 17 above.

Happy New Year!

C :)

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  1. Lots of potential for crazy 9 patch quilts!! Love, Carla