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Monday Night Lights & Resolution Update

We had our first celebrity encounter last night while we were in line to get into Avatar. First, let me say that it is totally ridiculous to stand in line for over an hour to get into a movie...when you already have tickets!!! But it was made so much better because we were waiting in line with Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights (TV) fame!!! He is the nicest guy--he visited with Markley while I was driving to the theater and took this pic with us and even signed Markley's hat. Dude, it was like totally cool and thank goodness b/c the movie wasn't! Trust me, if you have seen Dances with Wolves, you have seen this movie. I know I promised pics of the house, but I haven't taken them yet, so here's my cube. I have a new addition to my mini work village this year (the little house on the left). I got it at the last Canyon garage sale we went to with my sister Carla the day we left with the U-Haul truck.

Some of you might be asking about the cube when you saw pics of an office...this is our temporary location. We moved to campus in June to the John Peace Library while they are renovating University Heights where we normally office. We hope to be back in March with all of Disbursements and the Controller. If not, it will be to another temporary location then b/c the JPL is to undergo more renovations for re-accreditation.

Here's a pic of the house with my new, expanded village. Most of the buildings are my Moma's. She had 9: 6 businesses, 1 church, and 2 houses. I added Christy's Restaurant a few years ago but asked for some new HOUSES this year b/c I decided those two families were having a hard time supported all those businesses! Markley got me 4 new houses and a craft shop. The craft shop is the one on the far right; the church is next to it; and the next four are the houses from Markley. I call the blue one the Hudspeth House.

And now, for those resolutions:
1. decorate for Christmas done!
2. finish Mary's Christmas quilt working on; will be done tomorrow!
3. write budget down and determine total of monthly expenses next week
4. get all of the San Antonio bills drafting automatically from the bank account done
5. get a daily/weekly routine down and stick to it still in progress
6. work out every weekday that I'm home done
7. make/take tea to work to drink instead of Dr Pepper check with me in January
8. fix both breakfast and lunch to take to work--no more fast food ditto the January thing
9. finish wedding cross-stitch (yes, my 1998 wedding) almost done
10. finish Christmas stocking cross-stitch haven't touched, but there is that 7 hour car-ride home...
I think I have done pretty good considering this is me we're talking about!
C :)

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