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Things ARE bigger in Texas

Things really are bigger in Texas--like cinnamon rolls.
Markley took me to the Cowboys game for Thanksgiving. We drove home after and got home about 1am. Sandy and Lonnie drove down from back home and got there just a little before us--you know, for turkey and shopping. We all got up at 5am and were at Office Depot at 6am. We did Thanksgiving Friday shopping--which is so much easier in a big city--for 13 hours!
When we got home, it was turkey time. Tom was beautiful if I do say so myself. They settled down to board games, I took a nap. That's where the cinnamon roll comes in. They went to Lulu's at 11pm on Friday night to get it, they were hot our of the oven then. Notice I said they. Yep, they just left me asleep on the couch. It took the four of us two days to eat it.
Saturday was to be board games day, but Angel (our kitty) had emergency surgery for a blocked gland in an uncomfortable place. But she's all better now thanks to Dr. Anne James.
Merry Christmas everyone!
C :)


  1. We saw those cinnamon rolls on Man v. Food! I bet they were delicious. Glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

  2. I can't wait to see you guys and taste those cinnamon rolls!! Hope they have the biggest chicken fried steak in Texas because Jeff will love that! see ya next month! Kina