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So, Where Did I Start?

My first crafting was crochet and simple sewing taught to me by my Grannie. And she could sew! She could just look at a store-bought doll dress and whip one up. And not just a plain one. She always added fancy stitches and some kind of lace or ribbon. But never buttons or snaps. I'm not sure why.

Next, I moved to counted cross-stitch--7th grade homemaking. Guess who that first cross-stitch was made for? My sister, Carla, then bought me my first Precious Moments cross-stitch book and even had my first PM project, We Are God's Workmanship, framed. It hangs in my guest room still.

This began my love for crafting. So much so that my first job was at Ben Franklin Crafts. And with that first paycheck I bought pink aida cloth. I still remember it. I made these six cross-stitches in college for my future house. I loved the country style of them. But now, that's not quite my style. So what to do?
At Sisters' Scraps, they have a wonderful quilt with hand embroidery patches in it. BINGO! I know what to do now! But to work these sizes into that quilt...but then while on vacation last month in Alaska I found the perfect pattern:
All I need to do is put in cross-stitches where the animals are and change the colors to country (eek, I know) and I will have it.

C :)

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