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A Finished Scrapbook...Sorta

Remember in my first post that I mentioned that I finished a scrapbook? Well, I did...sorta. It was intended to be Markley's tenth anniversary present (that was 06/25/08). I had the album (6X6) and page protectors at home, picked out and printed all of the pics, bought the paper, and even had the stamp sets figured out. All of those Stampin' Up! ones with the kids are perfect for us!

The Cubs were on TV on a Sunday afternoon...how perfect? I would have been had it not been the Sunday just before our anniversary. Note to self: it takes more than one afternoon to scrapbook 14 years. I got several pages done, but not all of them. So, he got it with most of the pics just slid into the page protectors. I think he enjoyed it, but I was disappointed. But now, It is finished! I say finished because I have all of the pics from when we met in 1994 until 2008 on cute pages, embellished, journaled, and everything. I also say sorta because this will always be a work-in-progress because I want to add a couple of pics every year.

*Note: if you do this with your spouse, remember to have someone take your pic together. I have so many pics of Markley and so many of me, but very few of us together until I put this scrapbook together.*

C :)

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