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Six Quilts...Really?

Is it possible that in 4 1/2 years that I have "finished" six quilts nd started at least four more? Well, first of all, let's qualify finished. I do not quilt. I make the quilt tops and sew the backing together and then send it to the most wonderfule quilt shop in Arkansas, Country Corner Quilt Shop (http://www.ccquiltshop.com). They have quilted three of my quilts. The other three were rag quilts. Here is a quick sampling of them:
1. Lucky Star (my first--class at Sisters' Scraps) 2006
2. Ttexas flag (rag quilted--class at Sisters' Scraps) 2006
3. Christmas tree (rag quilted--on my own!) 2006-07
4. Yellow Brick Road (class at Sisters' Scraps) 2007
5. Wild Flower Whimey (class at Sisters' Scraps) 2008
6. Christmas tree skirt (not quilted--on my own!) 2007

I don't have a finished picture of my most recent quilt. It was a baby quilt for my friend, Julie. It was also a rag quilt. I love making these because they are quick and they are completely done by me!

Now, for my started but not finished stack:
1. Ugly Color Quilt (class at an un-named quilt shop, just needs to be ragged together) 2007
2. T-Shirt (on my own, just needs to be ragged together) 2007
3. Bulls Eye (class at Sisters' Scraps, now putting borders on) 2008
4. Traditional Log Cabin (class at Sisters' Scraps, all red blocks done, needs green blocks) 2008
5. Crazy 9-Patch (pattern from Sisters' Scraps) pattern 2007, fabric 2009

I also have about 8 more sets of pattern/fabric combos waiting patiently. I have hopes of this little blog helping me stay on track. We'll see.
C :)

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